Mimas Necklace
Mimas Necklace

Mimas Necklace

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A strand of matte glass beads is symmetrically detailed with gold beads at its center and adorned with a pair of dissimilarly-sized free-moving orbs. Mimas is a fixed design necklace that is designed to pair with other pieces in this collection.

Reminiscent of a planet and its satellite, the dissimilarly-sized pair of orbs inspired our collection nomenclature. Our collection name, Selene, is drawn from Greek Mythology – she is the goddess of the moon. Within this collection, each design is named after a moon orbiting a planet within our galaxy. Mimas is a moon of Saturn.

Selene Collection Colors
Peach – a warm and neutral shade of pink
Wisteria – a light cool touch of purple
Ume – a dark yet vibrant colored plum
Mist – a foggy blue with grey hues
Rain – a blue with dark grey qualities
Ink – a dramatic black
Palm – a lush verdant green
Oyster – a warm eggshell

Length – 16.5"
Materials – Japanese Miyuki matte glass beads, 14k gold-filled beads and findings, 14k gold-filled medium & large rounds